Forecasts and Runway Reports

Pantone's Colour of the Year for 2017
Pantone Colour for 2017


What's In for Fall 2016

Velvet - the material of choice, seen in apparel, handbags, shoes, chokers and hair accessories.
Floral - still going strong, delicate or bold, embroidered or printed, romantic or bohemian.
Denim - apparel and accessories such as handbags, even hair bands and barrettes.
Lace - sophistication and retro, chokers and hair accessories with crystals and beadwork.
Exotic Skins, Suede & Fur - whether vegan, faux or the real deal, offbeat colours inject novelty to lux items.

Velvet, fur, feather and sequins from Dries Van Noten Fall 2016 runway.



Insights for Spring/Summer 2016

Fashion trends have been zipping through each season at a dizzying pace.  Retailers are kept breathless trying to stay ahead of the game.  With all the fashion forecasts and runway reviews digitally at our finger tips, suffering from information overload, we are all in constant "Fashion-ADHD" mode, our fashion sense a bit blurred and fatiqued.

The time is right to simplify, to calm the frenetic pace, to distill great designs into fashion chameleons that serve multi-purposes and multi-trends.  For Spring/Summer 2016, look for "Cross-overs", fashion items that have the fluidity to portray different trends of the season.  Focus on quality and design, obsessing less with passing fads, an inevitable by-product of fast fashion.

And the key esthetic of the new season is "Modern Organics", a clever combination of clean design, tactile textures, organic material, and authentic craftsmenship.

 Nakamol neck piece, available from Merx Inc., Toronto, Canada.

Colours of Spring 2016

Even Pantone's colour forecast for Spring 2016 focuses on a calm, and soft palette.  For the first time, there are two top colours: rose quartz and serenity.  The colours balance each other and evokes a meditative balance.

Directions for Accessories F/W 15

  • Athleisure, a combination of athletic wear and casual dressing, one of the dominant themes of the season will surely carry-through to accessories.
  • Technology-based accessories, with improving fashion designs, will spur changes, new categories and opportunities.
  • 3-D appliques, surface treatment and prints, florals being the most used by designers.
  • Embracing fur and leather this season, whether faux, real, or patchwork, in all new colours, textures and forms.
  • Ethnic influence is drawn from the tapestry of Russian culture, accessories will be ornate, opulent, embellished with luxurious details and materials. 
Clockwise from top left: Carolina Herrara, Dries Van Noten, Isabel Marant, Ralph Lauren, Moscino, Alberta Ferreti

New Jewellery Categories To Consider

Drawing from influences as varied as tattoos and piercings, to ancient Egyptian adornment, these new categories offer edgy options.

Ear Cuffs
- wear one or stack them, great alternative to pierced earrings.

Ear Hugs or Jackets - more elaborate than cuffs, these can adorn almost the entire ear with or without piercing.
Hand Bracelets - jewelry that can wrap up the hand, or be linked to a ring combination.
Multi-finger Rings - beyond pinky or thumb rings, multi-finger styles become hand jewellery.
Spring 2015 Fashion Accessories

Handbags: long strap satchels, structured buckets, fringes, photo print patterns, colour blocking patchwork, suede is for Spring too!
Jewellery: sleek metal collars, geometric statements, open-ended designs, stacks and multiples (necklaces or wrist cuffs), mega links, chunky still the rave but delicates in multiples are gaining momentum
Hats: Athleisure caps and visors, crushable, washable and packable, wide brim for sun protection or high crown for fashion
Legwear: Athleisure trend with knee-hi's, and sport socks.  Dress socks worn with sandals, colour sheers and layering provide fashion fun.
Scarves: neckerchieves tied close to the neck, long sheers to add to flowing layered look or worn as sash ties.
Shoes: flats and more flats, menswear inspired, lace-up gladiators or sportswear inspired, there's a pair of flats to suit every fashion whim.  Mules and flatbed platforms are alternatives to flats.