Modeonline - Privacy Policy

All data collected by Modeonline from your registration profile is used to allow the community to do business on the website. The members are responsible for protecting their passwords. When a retailer places an order, his/her profile can be accessed by the wholesaler, which allows the wholesaler to decide whether he/she wants to do business with that retailer. Order information and history are tracked to produce reports and analysis for members. Activities and traffic patterns at the website are tracked for internal planning and future development and improvements.

All data collected remains the proprietary property of Modeonline. Data is never shared or released to outside parties. Information is secured by administrative and technical measures, protecting against unauthorized breach. It is our priority to ensure privacy of information collected for Modeonline. Even with every precaution, Modeonline cannot guarantee that a breach would not occur.

Modeonline – Terms and Conditions

Retailers may join Modeonline free of charge, but their retail status must be verified and approved by Modeonline’s administration. Retailers can terminate their participation at any time by notifying Modeonline administration via email, or in writing.

Wholesalers pay a set fee in accordance to the platform they have selected. The fee is due once the registration is approved. The fee paid is not refundable two weeks after the launch of the platform. Cancellation of your platform after the two-week period will not constitute a refund of payment. Technical difficulties and unsatisfactory performance should be reported within two weeks of the launch. During this period, if all efforts to rectify the problems fail, a full refund will be awarded.

Once orders are placed and transmitted to the wholesaler, it is the responsibility of the buyer and seller to work out any and all issues regarding the order, including and not limited to inventory availability, shipping costs, delivery date, invoicing, terms and forms of payment, credits and collection. Modeonline will not be responsible for the fullfillment of the order and is not responsible for any obligations precipitated by the order. Modeonline’s responsibility is limited to the operation of the site, facilitating the connection of buyers and sellers, maintaining the platforms, and securing the integrity of the data collected.

Updated on January 24, 2014